BE - SEMESTER-I - EXAMINATION - SUMMER 2014-Summer-June-2014


1. To Learn Computer, without going to classroom what will be other way
              a) Distance Learning                          b) I-Learning
              c) Digital Learning                               d) E-Learning
2. How to write E_mail Address ?
              a) xyz@website.info                           b) xyz@website@info
              c) xyz.website.info                              d) xyzwebsite.info
3. What will be a meaning of 1KB of memory
              a) 1 Kit Bit                                   b) 1 Kilo Byte
              c) 1 Kernel Boot                           d) 1 Key Block
4. Full Form of RAM ?
              a) Random Access Memory                       b) Ready Application Module
              c) Remote Access Machine                       d) Read Access Memory
5. What is Computer Virus ?
              a) Software      b) Hardware         c) a and b         d) None of above
6. Full form of IP ?
              a) Internet Principle  b) Intercom Protocol     c) Intranet Protocol   d) Internet Protocol
7. What will be extension of  Web Page’s file ?
              a) .xls         b) .3gp        c) .html       d) .ppt


1.   Which of following loop is executed at least once?
              a) do-while            b) for           c) if           d) while
2.   What will be printed if we type the statement printf(“%d ”,’d’);
              a) 0             b) 100           c) error       d) d
3.   C is a __________ language.
              a) High level          b) Middle level     c) Machine level        d) Low level
4.   Which header file is essential for using printf() function ?
              a) text.h      b) strings.h    c) stdio.h     d) strcmp.h
5.   Which among the following is a unconditional control structure.
              a) goto        b) for          c) do-while    d) if-else
6.   A pointer value refers to
              a) A float value   b) An integer constant     c) Any valid address in memory       d) None
7.   Recursion is a process in which a function calls
              a) itself    b) another function      c) main() function       d) none of the above


Define following                                                                                  
              1) Operating System

              2) Compiler

              3) Interpreter

              4) Assembler

              5) Loader       

              6) Linker         

              7) Preprocessor.


Draw a flow chart to do the sum of 10 elements read from the user.


Explain primary data types used in C.


Write a program to select and print the largest of the three nos. using nested-if-else statement.


Explain various types of loop available in C with example.


Write a program to perform addition, multiplication, subtraction and division with switch statement.


Describe following string functions in C-Language.

1) strcpy()         2) strcat()          3) strlen()           4) strcmp()


Write a program to print the following pattern.                                           
                  *  *
                 *  *  *
               *  *  *  *


List out the categories of functions of C. Explain any one category with example.


What is pointer?  Give   its  benefits.  Write  a  program    to  do  swapping of two elements using function with two pointers as arguments.


What is structure ? Explain nested structure and array of structure with example.


What is file management ? List the different file management functions and explain the various file modes.